Top Tips For Voice Over Recordings For Audiobooks

Top Tips For Voice Over Recordings For AudiobooksA voice over actor has myriad opportunities to show off their talents.

From movies to cartoon shows, television commercials to video games, a solid voice actor can lend his or her voice to any genre or acting field.

Because of the advancement of technology, there is another genre for voice acting that is emerging – Audiobooks.

This genre has been around for a very long time (books and stories on cassette or CD), just not to the extent that it is now.

This is due to the fact that the average person is on the go and with a smartphone in hand, the world is in our hands as well.

That’s where an audiobook comes in. It can be downloaded to a person’s phone or smart device for listening pleasure at the convenience of the consumer.

With audiobooks, there’s a market and money to be made.

And if you are one who wants to lend your voice to those who are in less fortunate circumstances, there are volunteer organizations that can allow that as well. This approach can also be used to practice your craft.

Here are some tips to help you professionally record your voice over for an audiobook as it is not as easy as it “sounds”:

  • Audiobook Voice Overs Are Personalized – You need to personalize and differentiate the book’s characters. Work with your producer on how the personalization will work and the voices are different.
  • Narrating Is A Long Process – There’s a specific goal and it has to be met. Once you’ve mastered the skills and the certain types of literature (fiction, non-fiction, etc.) then it will be easier. Remember consistency is key. You’ll have to spend many hours in the studio, so be prepared.
  • Remember It’s Just You & The Listener – It’s not about you, but the relationship you have with your voice and the listener. The audiobook is the reason you are recording, so you want the voice over quality at its best.
  • Learn The Material – The more you go over the book’s material, the stronger the voice over recording will be. Don’t just assume you can just show up and read all the words on the page. Some words you might not recognize or possible know how to pronounce.

It’s a possibility that you don’t have your own studio to record your voice over. This is where you will want to work at a professional full-service recording studio to help record the audiobooks.

Wavemaker Studio has the tools to help you record your audiobook or for you to voice over an audiobook project you are working on. Contact us to learn more on how we can help your recording today!

5 Tips To Bring Energy While Recording Your Music

5 Tips To Bring Energy While Recording Your MusicWhen it comes to making your band’s new album or tracking in the recording studio, you don’t want it to feel like it’s a job that will stress you out. You want your time in front of the mics to feel normal, energetic, stress-free, and a collaboration with the rest of the band.

Here are a 5 tips to keep the energy while you put your new music to track at the recording studio:

  1. Preparation – Practice, practice, practice. Prepare yourself for the recordings by making sure you are confident with your new tunes. If you play the guitar, make sure mechanically you are sound. That way everything is second nature once you are sitting down to record the tracks.
  2. Focus on the good moments – When recording don’t worry about the how it will be perceived in the future. Focus instead on how it feels at the “then and now”. Listen to the music and play it how you imagine it should be played. Use the emotions you feel and bring it to your instrument.
  3. Allow for mistakes – Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember nothing will be “perfect”. If you are too worried about playing perfectly then your performance might take a hit when you feel it isn’t. Keep the overthinking to a minimum and keep yourself in the moment.
  4. As a band, stay a team – Compliment each others performance. Critique but do it in a constructive way. That way trust is built, and no one person in the band feels left out from the recording process.
  5. Trust in your engineer – When you choose a professional recording studio like Wavemaker Studio, your music is in the great hands of veteran engineer John “Bobcat” Pollock at the recording console. This means you can focus on the energy of the music and not have to worry about how it will sound.

Take these tips and keep you or your band educated on how to make strong, energetic music in the studio. When looking for a expert recording services, look no further than Wavemaker Studio. For more information on any of the services we offer, contact us today!

3 Tips For Perfecting Character Voice Overs

3 Tips For Perfecting Character Voice OversAs children we were entertained by the great cartoons like Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera and Mickey Mouse. Then as we grew older we watched Scooby Doo, The Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy and the myriad of shows they had on Saturday morning.

The animations were something to marvel, but the voices brought the characters to life. Especially when the famous guests characters came on and brought their voice talents to the shows; countless Scooby Doo and Simpsons episodes are riddled with amazing characters like that.

The original voice over actors had to prove to the talent scouts and producers they could perform various character voices to supplement any character in an episode. Mel Blanc “The Man of a Thousand Voices”, voiced numerous characters on Looney Tunes that we love; Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Speedy Gonzales, and Marvin The Martian just to name a few.

How did he and others get so good? Well they used some of these tips to become voice over legends.

Training Tips For Character Voice Overs

  1. Practice Different Character Voices – Visualize what the character might be like in person or read a book and imagine the voice, then work the vocal chords at different pitches and levels.
  2. Record And Craft – Once you have found some voices you want to work with, record them. That way you can hear them back and ensure that the voice goes with the character. Craft the voice from there. Play the recordings and mold the voice so that you can use it in all situations and emotions.
  3. Become That Character – Now that you have found the voice, become that character. With your voice, voice how it would react, feel what you think it would feel and let the voice embody you. Embrace the character fully and you will see the completion.

If you’d like to have your voice recorded and don’t have the tools to do so, then you need the right recording studio with the right professional audio producer to engineer a demo.

Wavemaker Studio is that studio, and over the last 10 years has become the “Go To” studio for high quality voice over services. For more information about recording your character voice overs, contact us today!

Tips For Dampening Drums While In The Recording Studio

Tips For Dampening Drums While In The Recording StudioAs a musician your goal is making sure that everyone else hears what you hear, the way you hear it. Pure, crisp and in the right tone. You work to fine tune every note on every instrument you use, as these instruments allow you to tell a story the way you want it to be heard.

The drums are one instrument that is more complex than it looks. The percussion is the backbone of a song, the leader of the pack, your front man carrying your message all the while carrying the beat. In order to get your audience to hear your creation you need your leader to be “in tune”.

How do you tune a drum? Dampening.

Dampening is a technique used to clean up the sound of the drum while recording. In a recording studio you may find multiple methods for creating that desired sound.

One age old trick, one favored by Ringo Starr himself, is a tea towel. The effect settles the vibration of the drum as it is struck and absorbs the sound making the beat softer.

Another popular method among artists includes using tape of many variations; duct tape and Gaffer’s tape were popular go-to’s in the 70’s and 80’s.

More recently a new product, Drumtacs, has made its way to popularity. Drumtacs are made with a durable material that not only absorbs vibration but also cleans well with rubbing alcohol and a clean rag.

At Wavemaker Studio we can use a variation of these techniques and others to get the perfect sound an musician is looking for. The experts at Wavemaker Studio provide professional recording services at a reasonable price. To record your music here in San Antonio, contact us today!

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Recording Studio

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Recording StudioYou’ve got everything is order to put your music and voice to the ears of the masses. Whether it was writing the songs, training your voice or getting the band all in one place, you want to make sure you get into the right studio to make your audio magic.

When it comes to recording your music or voice overs in a professional recording studio, you will want to be sure you have made the right choice. Educate yourself with these tips for choosing a high quality recording studio that will put you on track for your recorded works.

The Studio

Ask yourself a few questions: Is the recording studio big enough for the band? Is it comfortable for our performing? Where is it located? What’s unique about the facility?

If the studio has all that you need both in the latest recording equipment and space, then you’re one step closer to making the audio you want.

The Producers & Engineers

Get to know the owner and the staff. Find out who will be engineering your audio and make sure it’s a good fit. Talk about your ideas, and vision to make sure all are on the same page. You don’t want to be involved with someone who isn’t looking at it from your perspective fully.

Recording Rates

Spending your money wisely will make your venture the most fruitful. Just because it seems like a lot of money doesn’t mean you get the best quality, and when it looks like a cheap rate doesn’t mean you get cheap results. See what kind of discount plans there are and if you can buy pre-paid to conserve what time you need.

Recording Equipment

The recording equipment is important for choosing the studio. Having high quality professional equipment and an engineer who can operate it correctly will yield the best results.

Tour The Facility

Finally take a look around the studio. This way you get face to face with any and all questions you might have from above, and can see firsthand what goes on in the recording studios process. You can also see who else has recorded there and see if it worked for them. Research, educate and go with the recording studio you feel will work best for you.

Wavemaker Studio is a state-of-the-art recording studio featuring high-end equipment. Located in San Antonio, we are loaded with industry standard plug-in’s and microphones along with a great sounding control room. For more detailed information or to book your recording time, contact us.

Make Your Jingle Music To People’s Ears

Make Your Jingle Music To People’s EarsWhether you are starting one or have already established one, people are always looking for way to expand their brand and attract new customers. Many advertise locally in newspapers and on billboards, but a good way to advertise to your potential customers is with a well-produced and catchy audio jingle.

It may seem easy to setup, but it’s important to make sure that your copy is well written; that your business is shown in a great light, your message will be heard clearly and concise, the jingle resonates through whichever avenue you choose with the audience hearing it, and the audio grabbing their attention.

Once the prep work is done, it is time to record your advertisement.

Record with the Pros

When recording your jingle, it is only in your best interest for your business to have it done professionally.

For one, many companies don’t have their own recording operation or personnel to get this done.

A professional recording studio can produce the whole jingle; everything from the required recording technology, to the right setup in the recording room must be optimal. There’s also the ability to mix, produce and edit the audio as well.

This would mean if there are multiple takes of the jingle, but only certain parts of each are liked by the business, the recording technician can go in and splice them together to make one perfect product.

Wavemaker Studio is a full service recording studio offering recording, producing, mixing and mastering of audio for singers, bands and voice-overs. We can make your company stand out with our state-of-the-art equipment and recording services. For more information on any of our services, please feel free to contact us today!

Recording Voice-Over For A Movie

Recording Voice-Over For A MovieVoice-over is a unique term for taking the voice of a person outside of production to use on the radio, television production, film making, and theater. With a voice-over, you can hear the person speaking although you do not see them. Voice-over is often used in film documentaries and news reports in order to relay information.

Voice-over (or commonly referred to as off-camera or off-stage commentary) is a great narrating tool for movies. Filmmakers have the advantage of getting creative with voice-over technology.

Here are some other unique things you can do with voice-over tools for a movie:

In animated films, voice-over can be used to create character dialogue and add funny ad-libs that help to develop a character’s personality.

With superior technology, one person’s voice can be used for a number of characters by changing the tone, depth and pitch of the voice. This advantage cuts down on production costs and time as well.Recording Voice-Over For A Movie (2)

Voice-over can be used to create continuity so that the viewer can get a better grasp of what is going on between scenes with descriptive dialogue.

When taking a book and adapting it into film, voice over allows the writer to leave a trace of the author’s voice in the film.

Voice-over can also be used to put reality into a situation that seems too far into fantasy land.

With Wavemaker Studio, we have the equipment and knowledge to create a unique voice-over experience. We can provide tips for editing the piece with one person or a group of voices. The film industry would not be where it is without voice-over and we are capable of handling the recording of such. For more information, contact us today!


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Producing A Trendy YouTube Video With A Professional

Producing A Trendy YouTube Video With A ProfessionalYouTube is a global phenomenon that began back in May of 2005. As a platform for original videos, YouTube has enabled businesses to market themselves, has allowed advertisers to introduce products, individuals to get recognized for their talents, and learn the “How To” for just about everything.

You’ve heard the success stories of musicians making the big league, getting signed by a recording label after their YouTube video hit over a million views. That’s the wonderful thing about YouTube, it is your original content, not edited, not fake, and it’s just you and your raw talents.

With the rise in YouTube popularity, it has become a competitive, but useful, market to showcase a musician’s creativity. You want your video clip to distinguish your music from the rest of the YouTube musicians. Working alongside a professional with expertise of the music industry, video viewers can go from a few hundred to millions.

Working with a professional to produce a YouTube video has its advantages, and here are a few:Producing A Trendy YouTube Video With A Professional

  • The support system for trying something new like switching up the arrangement or using a variety of instruments.
  • Keeping good music at the core of the YouTube video and assisting with putting your best foot and music forward.
  • Teach that a less is more approach is easier to follow. When videos are full of add-ons and distractions, you’ll lose viewer interest.
  • Using a professional production team will ensure you are for example, playing in the right lighting, the video tone compliments the music, and so on.
  • Your sound will resonate through the speaker with clarity.
  • Choosing the right name for your video will get far more attention.

Wavemaker Recording Studio is comprised of a professional team with a wealth of knowledge in the music industry. With vast experience, we can assist with creating the most unique music or recordings. Contact us today to learn more.


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Normalizing Audio For Your Recordings

Normalizing Audio For Your RecordingsGreat sounding music does not have to solely come from live performances. Recording studios have the capability to make music sound from a player just the same as if you were sitting right in front of the band. You want your sound to be absolutely perfect so that listeners get a unique and personal experience with the music. One of the most important aspects that makes recorded music flawless is the volume.

The process is referred to as normalizing audio. The term references being able to adjust the sound’s overall volume to reach a particular target, which makes the music sound its best.

Adjusting sound quality is done in either of two ways: getting the maximum volume or by matching volumes. Maximizing volume is done when an audio file is too soft and matching volumes is when a group of files with differing volumes are matched for the best sound.

To properly adjust an audio file’s volume, you have to have an accurate measurement of the volume. (Information provided by

PEAK volume detection:

If you want to make the audio file as loud as you can, measuring by this form is most suitable. PEAK volume detection measures how loud the peaks of the waveforms are.

RMS volume detection:

RMS takes an average of large peaks and soft sections and produces an overall loudness of a file.

EBU R-128 Volume Detection:Normalizing Audio For Your Recordings

Similar to RMS, this measurement method most closely resembles the human hearing.

When adjusting sound quality, you do have to be mindful that change in the sound is inevitable. Normalizing audio is a process, but it is a process that produces the best sound of an audio file. To consult a professional on what entails normalizing audio, contact Wavemaker Studio.


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What Are The Differences Between A Condenser and Dynamic Mic?

What Are The Differences Between A Condenser and Dynamic Mic?In more ways than one, a microphone is the most important tool a musician has at his or her disposal, both inside and outside of the studio. It can make or break a recording session or a show. Because if the microphone is garbage, what does it matter if the music you’re recording or playing is beautiful? That’s why every musician needs to know what they’re getting into. And with microphones, the key question you need to answer is this: condenser or dynamic?

You’ve seen a condenser microphone before. Invented in 1916, these slim, tube-like devices have been commonplace in the studio (and laboratories, too!) since then for a reason: because, when it comes to recording, the condenser is your best friend. Able to be moved by a particularly small mass of sound waves, the condenser microphone is sure to pick up the highest-quality notes you and your band have to offer. For this type, the Rode microphone, in particular, is the most well-known.

Now onto dynamics. Before going forward, how many times have you seen clips of Hendrix, Vedder, or Bono grabbing and screaming into that famous single-standing microphone? Raise your hand if you know what we’re talking about. The classic podium of sound is an instrument in its own right; a symbol of everything that is loud, raw, rock n’ roll. And that instrument — the one we associate with any sort of live performance — is usually a dynamic microphone.

Condenser Vs Dynamic

Of course, dynamics are the opposite of condenser microphones, because their goal is simple: be loud, if not blaring. That is why they’re found on stage and not in the studio: they’re more attuned to feedback, cheap, and can get soaked, if need be. In other words: these microphones are meant to be rocked, not rolled.What Are The Differences Between A Condenser and Dynamic Mic?

Knowing the differences between these two microphones is the first step in understanding their usage. And, before you enter the studio, you’ve got to know your equipment.

Wavemaker is a Recording Studio located in San Antonio Texas. We specialize in affordable recording services for Voice Over, singers, songwriters and bands. For more information, contact Wavemaker Studio today!


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