Preparing Your Voice To Record

how to prepare to perform singing

If you have a recording session coming up or even a performance, it is important that your voice is primed and ready. It is important to prepare your voice, not just to ensure you give your best performance, but you will also want to make sure your vocal cords are protected from fatigue and injury. Putting forth the effort to make sure you have taken the proper precautions will make for a smooth and flawless performance. Pay attention to these points when thinking about your preparation routine:


Know Your Material

Whether you are performing original music, or recording scripted material, you want to know exactly how these pieces should sound in the recording. Multiple takes are possible, but you don’t want to have to spend your whole recording session on just a few lines.


Eliminate Polluted Air

Believe it or not, the dust particles in the air can substantially affect your voice. Sometimes the places we rehearse are filled with more dust than we realize. For this reason, it is important to keep an air filter or purifier in your bedroom and wherever you practice to ensure you breathe clean air before performing. The dust breathed in can get trapped in your throat and lungs, drastically affecting your vocals.


Refrain From Smoking And Drinking

If you drink or smoke, refrain from doing so as soon as possible before the performance. These substances are harsh on the esophagus, causing hefty damage to the throat.


Lubricate Your Vocal Cords

Drink warm water or tea. Room-temperature tea mixed with honey can sooth the vocal cords. Warm tea is great for helping the throat to relax. Be mindful not to drink ice water as it can tighten the vocal cords and don’t drink coffee the day of the performance. Due to the acidity, coffee can dehydrate your vocal cords and throat resulting in a poor performance.



Proper preparation before your recording session will ensure a quality performance that you’ll be proud of. For a list of rates and services, head on over to our website.

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