Creating Successful Sports Broadcasts On The Radio

Creating Successful Sports Broadcasts On The RadioA lot goes into making a successful sports broadcast; it takes a lot of time, patience, and work but when it all comes together it’s like an audio work of art.

It’s a three-way street to making a successful sports broadcast. It comes from the technical and production side as well as the on-air talent portion.

Technical Engineer

Technically all of the right wired connections for the broadcast are made, with the right recording switches needing to be turned on. The equipment needs to be working for both production and on-air (headsets, wireless mics, field and ice level mics, and the broadcast board itself), all the while making sure the levels are in the correct position so the audio doesn’t sound stifled or over modulate coming over the air.

Audio Production

From the production stand point, the producers must be ready to switch the broadcast on and off for when the talent is ready for the play-by-play portion of the broadcast or to switch it to commercial when it is time for halftime and intermissions.  A good production team has to be ready to get the talent back on the air live, when they ask. Then go back to the production room people at the right time, when the highlights and stats are ready during breaks from the action.

On-Air Talent

From the on-air prospective the talent must know the players of the game, stats, and when it comes to sports, an expertise of the sport being played. You have to be prepared, as you cannot fake sports knowledge when the game is coming at you fast. Talent must be ready for when production gives out the queue to go live and be able to fill in down time during the game with stories, stats, and analysis.

All the best broadcasts come when the on-air personalities are truly passionate about sports and their work; it comes across to the audience in the broadcast.Creating Successful Sports Broadcasts On The Radio

A lot of work goes into making a sports broadcast go well and at any point even the smallest blemish can throw the whole thing off. There is a lot of moving pieces that go into making any broadcast.

If you need to have you broadcasted recording to be mastered or are in need of any production services by a professional, look to Wavemaker Studio. For more information, contact Wavemaker today!


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Podcasting 101 for Beginners

Podcasting 101 for BeginnersThe radio world is changing because of technology and the internet, and trying to find good things to listen to on the airwaves has become a challenge. If you are tired of hearing the same old thing from your local radio hosts and think you can do what they do better or have a voice that wants to be heard, what are your options?

Well one option that has been making waves throughout the internet savvy culture is to create and host your own podcast. You want to listen to the radio on the go when you aren’t in the car, your phone or mp3 player has that accessibility, that’s the beauty of podcasting. No one wants to have to be in a certain place at a certain time, to listen to the radio. They want to be able to listen on their own schedule and for as long as they want.

What are the keys to making a successful podcast?

You must do is find that niche and find a following. There are also factors that include getting guests, timely news, and entertaining production. In the future if you can continuously come up with amazing content for your audience, there’s also money to be made in the podcasting world.

The production aspect can be overlooked in podcasting. If you aren’t familiar or schooled in recording technology, then your audio can sound like it was recorded by a soup can. No one wants to listen to that.Podcasting 101 for Beginners

That’s where Wavemaker Studio can help. Come in and record your podcast, and have it produced professionally. The audio experts at Wavemaker can handle your podcast needs and then you can start the process of bringing it to the masses. Contact Wavemaker Studio and get your podcast recorded today!


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