5 Tips To Bring Energy While Recording Your Music

5 Tips To Bring Energy While Recording Your MusicWhen it comes to making your band’s new album or tracking in the recording studio, you don’t want it to feel like it’s a job that will stress you out. You want your time in front of the mics to feel normal, energetic, stress-free, and a collaboration with the rest of the band.

Here are a 5 tips to keep the energy while you put your new music to track at the recording studio:

  1. Preparation – Practice, practice, practice. Prepare yourself for the recordings by making sure you are confident with your new tunes. If you play the guitar, make sure mechanically you are sound. That way everything is second nature once you are sitting down to record the tracks.
  2. Focus on the good moments – When recording don’t worry about the how it will be perceived in the future. Focus instead on how it feels at the “then and now”. Listen to the music and play it how you imagine it should be played. Use the emotions you feel and bring it to your instrument.
  3. Allow for mistakes – Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember nothing will be “perfect”. If you are too worried about playing perfectly then your performance might take a hit when you feel it isn’t. Keep the overthinking to a minimum and keep yourself in the moment.
  4. As a band, stay a team – Compliment each others performance. Critique but do it in a constructive way. That way trust is built, and no one person in the band feels left out from the recording process.
  5. Trust in your engineer – When you choose a professional recording studio like Wavemaker Studio, your music is in the great hands of veteran engineer John “Bobcat” Pollock at the recording console. This means you can focus on the energy of the music and not have to worry about how it will sound.

Take these tips and keep you or your band educated on how to make strong, energetic music in the studio. When looking for a expert recording services, look no further than Wavemaker Studio. For more information on any of the services we offer, contact us today!

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Recording Studio

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Recording StudioYou’ve got everything is order to put your music and voice to the ears of the masses. Whether it was writing the songs, training your voice or getting the band all in one place, you want to make sure you get into the right studio to make your audio magic.

When it comes to recording your music or voice overs in a professional recording studio, you will want to be sure you have made the right choice. Educate yourself with these tips for choosing a high quality recording studio that will put you on track for your recorded works.

The Studio

Ask yourself a few questions: Is the recording studio big enough for the band? Is it comfortable for our performing? Where is it located? What’s unique about the facility?

If the studio has all that you need both in the latest recording equipment and space, then you’re one step closer to making the audio you want.

The Producers & Engineers

Get to know the owner and the staff. Find out who will be engineering your audio and make sure it’s a good fit. Talk about your ideas, and vision to make sure all are on the same page. You don’t want to be involved with someone who isn’t looking at it from your perspective fully.

Recording Rates

Spending your money wisely will make your venture the most fruitful. Just because it seems like a lot of money doesn’t mean you get the best quality, and when it looks like a cheap rate doesn’t mean you get cheap results. See what kind of discount plans there are and if you can buy pre-paid to conserve what time you need.

Recording Equipment

The recording equipment is important for choosing the studio. Having high quality professional equipment and an engineer who can operate it correctly will yield the best results.

Tour The Facility

Finally take a look around the studio. This way you get face to face with any and all questions you might have from above, and can see firsthand what goes on in the recording studios process. You can also see who else has recorded there and see if it worked for them. Research, educate and go with the recording studio you feel will work best for you.

Wavemaker Studio is a state-of-the-art recording studio featuring high-end equipment. Located in San Antonio, we are loaded with industry standard plug-in’s and microphones along with a great sounding control room. For more detailed information or to book your recording time, contact us.

Podcasting 101 for Beginners

Podcasting 101 for BeginnersThe radio world is changing because of technology and the internet, and trying to find good things to listen to on the airwaves has become a challenge. If you are tired of hearing the same old thing from your local radio hosts and think you can do what they do better or have a voice that wants to be heard, what are your options?

Well one option that has been making waves throughout the internet savvy culture is to create and host your own podcast. You want to listen to the radio on the go when you aren’t in the car, your phone or mp3 player has that accessibility, that’s the beauty of podcasting. No one wants to have to be in a certain place at a certain time, to listen to the radio. They want to be able to listen on their own schedule and for as long as they want.

What are the keys to making a successful podcast?

You must do is find that niche and find a following. There are also factors that include getting guests, timely news, and entertaining production. In the future if you can continuously come up with amazing content for your audience, there’s also money to be made in the podcasting world.

The production aspect can be overlooked in podcasting. If you aren’t familiar or schooled in recording technology, then your audio can sound like it was recorded by a soup can. No one wants to listen to that.Podcasting 101 for Beginners

That’s where Wavemaker Studio can help. Come in and record your podcast, and have it produced professionally. The audio experts at Wavemaker can handle your podcast needs and then you can start the process of bringing it to the masses. Contact Wavemaker Studio and get your podcast recorded today!


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Musicians: Tips On How To Record An Album

Musicians: Tips On How To Record An AlbumIf you are a fledgling band or musician and want to get your music to the masses, getting an album created is the way. But are you knowledgeable enough to record you music or do you even have the equipment to do so?

Some musicians are savvy enough to be able to record their music and established enough to afford the equipment needed to mix an album. But that takes more time and effort for the band that is just getting together and who is looking to hit the ground running with a tour.

We’ve got some business tips for a solo musician or band on how to get your album recorded efficiently and effectively:

·         Don’t change who you are. Whether you are a solo musician or in a 10-man band, stay who you are. Your identity is the start to get the best music recorded.

·         Consider the recording equipment. Make sure you are choosing the correct recording studio, not just because of the name but because they have everything you need to record your music properly. A mic isn’t always just a mic. Technology innovations have been changing the way music is created, make sure you are educated on and using the state-of-the-art recording tools.

·         Don’t fight over songs and who did what to create a song. If you are in a band, put everyone’s name on the songwriting credit. This will create less discontent and for all that are involved with the process to feel appreciated. If you are a solo artist, make sure you get your credit where credit is due.

·         Most importantly have a producer that has a lot of wisdom and expertise, and has the ability to share in your musical vision. As an artist or artists, you want the benefits that a solid producer can bring to the table, be an impartial judge and help create your musical dreams.Musicians: Tips On How To Record An Album

Remember it takes a lot to record a successful album, but don’t start off on the wrong foot. Every good musician or band has to be able to show their audience that they can give them the best quality music on and off the stage.

If you are in need of a proven recording studio, contact the professionals at Wavemaker Studio and get started on making your musical masterpieces.

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