Top Tips For Voice Over Recordings For Audiobooks

Top Tips For Voice Over Recordings For AudiobooksA voice over actor has myriad opportunities to show off their talents.

From movies to cartoon shows, television commercials to video games, a solid voice actor can lend his or her voice to any genre or acting field.

Because of the advancement of technology, there is another genre for voice acting that is emerging – Audiobooks.

This genre has been around for a very long time (books and stories on cassette or CD), just not to the extent that it is now.

This is due to the fact that the average person is on the go and with a smartphone in hand, the world is in our hands as well.

That’s where an audiobook comes in. It can be downloaded to a person’s phone or smart device for listening pleasure at the convenience of the consumer.

With audiobooks, there’s a market and money to be made.

And if you are one who wants to lend your voice to those who are in less fortunate circumstances, there are volunteer organizations that can allow that as well. This approach can also be used to practice your craft.

Here are some tips to help you professionally record your voice over for an audiobook as it is not as easy as it “sounds”:

  • Audiobook Voice Overs Are Personalized – You need to personalize and differentiate the book’s characters. Work with your producer on how the personalization will work and the voices are different.
  • Narrating Is A Long Process – There’s a specific goal and it has to be met. Once you’ve mastered the skills and the certain types of literature (fiction, non-fiction, etc.) then it will be easier. Remember consistency is key. You’ll have to spend many hours in the studio, so be prepared.
  • Remember It’s Just You & The Listener – It’s not about you, but the relationship you have with your voice and the listener. The audiobook is the reason you are recording, so you want the voice over quality at its best.
  • Learn The Material – The more you go over the book’s material, the stronger the voice over recording will be. Don’t just assume you can just show up and read all the words on the page. Some words you might not recognize or possible know how to pronounce.

It’s a possibility that you don’t have your own studio to record your voice over. This is where you will want to work at a professional full-service recording studio to help record the audiobooks.

Wavemaker Studio has the tools to help you record your audiobook or for you to voice over an audiobook project you are working on. Contact us to learn more on how we can help your recording today!

3 Tips For Perfecting Character Voice Overs

3 Tips For Perfecting Character Voice OversAs children we were entertained by the great cartoons like Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera and Mickey Mouse. Then as we grew older we watched Scooby Doo, The Simpsons, Ren & Stimpy and the myriad of shows they had on Saturday morning.

The animations were something to marvel, but the voices brought the characters to life. Especially when the famous guests characters came on and brought their voice talents to the shows; countless Scooby Doo and Simpsons episodes are riddled with amazing characters like that.

The original voice over actors had to prove to the talent scouts and producers they could perform various character voices to supplement any character in an episode. Mel Blanc “The Man of a Thousand Voices”, voiced numerous characters on Looney Tunes that we love; Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Speedy Gonzales, and Marvin The Martian just to name a few.

How did he and others get so good? Well they used some of these tips to become voice over legends.

Training Tips For Character Voice Overs

  1. Practice Different Character Voices – Visualize what the character might be like in person or read a book and imagine the voice, then work the vocal chords at different pitches and levels.
  2. Record And Craft – Once you have found some voices you want to work with, record them. That way you can hear them back and ensure that the voice goes with the character. Craft the voice from there. Play the recordings and mold the voice so that you can use it in all situations and emotions.
  3. Become That Character – Now that you have found the voice, become that character. With your voice, voice how it would react, feel what you think it would feel and let the voice embody you. Embrace the character fully and you will see the completion.

If you’d like to have your voice recorded and don’t have the tools to do so, then you need the right recording studio with the right professional audio producer to engineer a demo.

Wavemaker Studio is that studio, and over the last 10 years has become the “Go To” studio for high quality voice over services. For more information about recording your character voice overs, contact us today!

Recording Voice-Over For A Movie

Recording Voice-Over For A MovieVoice-over is a unique term for taking the voice of a person outside of production to use on the radio, television production, film making, and theater. With a voice-over, you can hear the person speaking although you do not see them. Voice-over is often used in film documentaries and news reports in order to relay information.

Voice-over (or commonly referred to as off-camera or off-stage commentary) is a great narrating tool for movies. Filmmakers have the advantage of getting creative with voice-over technology.

Here are some other unique things you can do with voice-over tools for a movie:

In animated films, voice-over can be used to create character dialogue and add funny ad-libs that help to develop a character’s personality.

With superior technology, one person’s voice can be used for a number of characters by changing the tone, depth and pitch of the voice. This advantage cuts down on production costs and time as well.Recording Voice-Over For A Movie (2)

Voice-over can be used to create continuity so that the viewer can get a better grasp of what is going on between scenes with descriptive dialogue.

When taking a book and adapting it into film, voice over allows the writer to leave a trace of the author’s voice in the film.

Voice-over can also be used to put reality into a situation that seems too far into fantasy land.

With Wavemaker Studio, we have the equipment and knowledge to create a unique voice-over experience. We can provide tips for editing the piece with one person or a group of voices. The film industry would not be where it is without voice-over and we are capable of handling the recording of such. For more information, contact us today!


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Audio Samples For Your Voice Over Portfolio

Audio Samples For Your Voice Over PortfolioEvery person’s voice is unique and some have the fortunate ability to manipulate their voices in order to mimic like someone else or sound like a character. These lucky people can find work in the entertainment business as voice over artists. As a voice over artist, in order for you to get employment, your resume is more than words on a piece of paper. It’s paramount as someone who wants to work in the voice over industry to have audio samples that are of your voice; either performing a role for a cartoon, movie, television show or commercial.

These audio samples are what makes you stand out from other candidates, you’re biggest marketing tool. An audio sample can show your vocal range, what type of voice over jobs you can excel at and make your voice recognizable to the public.

Audio Sample Uses and Recording

There are myriad of reasons why you need audio samples for your portfolio, and with the internet a portfolio can be a website that features all of your voiceover work. Posting your samples on a website with your name on it can put the name to the voice. This will help make it easier for a potential employer in putting a name to the voice. Take advantage of this avenue to also share your works on social media, in hopes for any samples to go viral and become trending.

It’s imperative that the audio samples of your voice are of the utmost and professional sounding quality. Within the first 30 seconds, a potential employer will know whether or not they want to use your voice. If the sound quality makes your voice unrecognizable or distorts the waves, then that could hurt your chance at work. You can’t leave your livelihood to chance, unless you are also a recording savant.Audio Samples For Your Voice Over Portfolio

Trust in the experts at Wavemaker Studio. By 2009, Wavemaker became the “Go To” studio for high quality voice over services. Recording audio samples for voice over work is a specialty and you will be proud to show off your audio samples in your portfolio once they are complete. There are great deals on recording rates as well! For more information about audio samples and voice over recording, contact Wavemaker Studio today!


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Becoming a Voice Over Standout

Becoming a Voice Over StandoutSome say it’s all in the voice, others say it takes years to become a voice over master. Any way you dice it, it’s not easy to become a voice over legend. Many have come and gone. The greats like Don Lafontaine to Mark Elliot, to the unknown voice over names like Steve Blum, Mel Blanc and Peter Cullen. You’ve heard their voices in just about anything and everything, but never knew who they belonged to.

They all made their start somewhere, whether it be acting or making commercials. They had to develop their voice over talent and create themselves as a brand.

Check out this funny video to see how the professionals poked fun at being in the voice over business.

Here are some tips that will make you a successful voice over professional:

Make Your Voice Unique

Don’t just become a celebrity voice imitator; learn to create parody type voices of famous actors of characters. Envision how you would want the voice of Bugs Bunny to sound, instead of what he sounds like. You can’t be Mel Blanc, but you can try and push your voice like he did. Plus if a company wanted to hire Mel Blanc to do the voice they have a character for, they would. Instead they are looking for something fresh and different to attribute to their brand.

It doesn’t just have to be a character voice either. If you have the “voice” that people compliment is good for radio or the like, continue to practice that. Read books out loud or find scripts to practice on. You’d be surprised to find that if you have a younger sounding voice, that kids shows could be perfect for your type of voice.

Find an Agent

You’re technically an actor. So you need an agent, who finds that your voice acting is marketable, and will take the time to get you work. Whether it is at casting calls or sending out your demo reel, an agent can see your potential and point you into the right direction in the voice over industry. Let them be your guide to a fruitful voice over career.

Demo Reels

You should record your voice to send out as your resume. The demo reel should showcase your voice talents, previous work highlights and successful material. You should have a few minutes of good voiceover work but the first 30 seconds will really grab the attention of any potential employer, so make that your best work.

And since you are just the talent, the best way to have your voice put to the digital waves, is for a professional company like Wavemaker Studio to record and produce it. Wavemaker Studio specializes in voice over work, and can help create the best demo reel you’ll need to become a voice over standout.