Tips For Dampening Drums While In The Recording Studio

Tips For Dampening Drums While In The Recording StudioAs a musician your goal is making sure that everyone else hears what you hear, the way you hear it. Pure, crisp and in the right tone. You work to fine tune every note on every instrument you use, as these instruments allow you to tell a story the way you want it to be heard.

The drums are one instrument that is more complex than it looks. The percussion is the backbone of a song, the leader of the pack, your front man carrying your message all the while carrying the beat. In order to get your audience to hear your creation you need your leader to be “in tune”.

How do you tune a drum? Dampening.

Dampening is a technique used to clean up the sound of the drum while recording. In a recording studio you may find multiple methods for creating that desired sound.

One age old trick, one favored by Ringo Starr himself, is a tea towel. The effect settles the vibration of the drum as it is struck and absorbs the sound making the beat softer.

Another popular method among artists includes using tape of many variations; duct tape and Gaffer’s tape were popular go-to’s in the 70’s and 80’s.

More recently a new product, Drumtacs, has made its way to popularity. Drumtacs are made with a durable material that not only absorbs vibration but also cleans well with rubbing alcohol and a clean rag.

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